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Wireless range issues. HH5 secondary access point.

I have been having trouble with wireless range in my home. Previously I had a HH5 and created a secondary access point with a HH4 based on keith_beddoe's guide after having no success with a TP-Link wifi extender.


This proved successful to a certain extent, but after a while the speed on the second access point would drop dramatically. This would only be restored by resetting the secondary HH4.


I now have two HH5's connected using the same method and so far it seems to be working relatively well, however the second HH5 has occasionally reset itself (twice in 1 hour). Is there any way to prevent this from occuring? Or perhaps, as stated on a previous thread the HH5 is less compatible operating as a slave hub. Maybe the HH4 has more merit in terms of acting as the access point? For the setup I have set both hubs to the same SSID's and wireless keys.


I had an engineer at my property last week for 4 hours and the wireless range had him stumped Smiley Frustrated


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Re: Wireless range issues. HH5 secondary access point.

Hi rstor212,


Welcome and thanks for posting. I appreciate it's quite an old thread but does this help?





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Re: Wireless range issues. HH5 secondary access point.

id forget 2nd hubs and go for a wifi extender that uses the houses wiring rather than trying to repeat the signal. the usual wifi extenders just repeat the signal, so in effect you get a better more stable connection with a little boost. you can get wifi extenders which work similar to home plugs, ethernet directly to the hub, then the 2nd plug transmits the wifi signal at full strength. i think bt sell one but im not sure, also the 3nd plug that emits wifi usually has the option of ethernet too.

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Re: Wireless range issues. HH5 secondary access point.

Hi David,


Thanks for the response. I thought I had my email alerts setup for this but apparently not :/.


Unfortunately I had already visited that forum prior to posting my original message with no joy.


But thanks again for the reply.



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