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Wireless speed has dropped significantly

Over the past few days my internet speed has absolutely plummeted and I have no idea why. I ran a test on back in June when I first had BT fibreoptic enabled, and the results were:


Download: 27.53m/s

Upload: 16.53mb/s


I also ran a test last night and got:


Download: 2.73mb/s

Upload: 5.61mb/s


In June my speed when downloading games on Steam was about 6-7mb/s and now I'm lucky if I can reach 2.


I saw on the forums that most of the suggestions were to check the audio decibels and the way to test that was using one of the BT speed testers which requires you to connect to the Home Hub via an ethernet connection, but I have no way of doing that, my PC is on a desktop upstairs, far away from the router and the only laptop in the house has no port for Ethernet.


Would it be safe to assume that the noise levels are the result of the slowed speeds and could they be reset without having to do the test?


P.S: Manual power save is enabled on the hub and it turns of every night from 11pm to 6am, would this cause the noise increase?

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Re: Wireless speed has dropped significantly

If you're connecting wirelessly, and using one of the on-line speed testers, it's not safe to assume anything.  It could be something as simple as your neighbours installing their own wireless hotspot on the same channel number as yours.


You'd get a better idea using the laptop near to the Home Hub, as at least you should get a stronger signal.


Edit: power save won't make any difference.  All it does is makes the Home Hub turn off the wireless signal.  The rest of it keeps running normally (including the ethernet ports).

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