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Wish I'd not switched from TalkTalk! No internet since Monday's "activation"

I have recently switched from TalkTalk and my service was "activated" on 07/09/2015.  On 08/09/2015 the broadband was still not working.  I called the support phone line at 7pm that day and was advised there were "open orders" stopping me from receiving the broadband connection but these should be resolved on 10/09/2015 (today). 


Today was getting on with no connection kicking in, so I've just been on Live Chat for an hour and half to be told an engineer will have to visit on Wednesday 16/09/2015.


Thats a week and half with no Internet access and I work from home on an evening so you can imagine how frustrating this is with me falling so far behind with my work.


If I knew I would be without Internet all week I would have preferred BT not to have stopped the service with TalkTalk until whatever the issue is (no one is "authorised" to tell me) was resolved.


It's the same line, same equipment, just switched to BT.  I had my own router that I put the right settings in, then to rule it out and not get any silly questions when calling support, I plugged in the HomeHub4 so I was dealing with official BT equipment, same issue.


The light on the HomeHub eventualy settles on solid orange with a red "b" underneath after flashing green, going blue for about 20 seconds, then failing.


If anyone could help me without me having to wait for that visit on Wednesday 16th that would be a massive help and much appreciated.

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Re: Wish I'd not switched from TalkTalk! No internet since Monday's "activation"

TT usually have their own equipment in the exchange but the rest is the same cable from the exchange to your home.


unlikely anyone will be able to speed up your openreach estimated date of next wednesday

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