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Working line transfer



I'm moving out of my current shared flat into a private property and am the account holder of the current line. I'm aware that I can't just transfer the account holder title for credit reasons, so what is the best procedure to follow to transfer my existing account to my new property and allow the remaining tenants in the shared flat to apply for a working line takeover?


i.e. 1. What are the waiting times for a transfer and working line takeover respectively?

     2. Do I need to initiate my account transfer before the remaining tenants can then apply for working line takeover?

     3. What costs will the remaining tenants incur on a working line takeover - are their any discounts to the standard sign-up fee?

     4. For how long, if at all, will either property be without broadband? This isn't so much a concern for my transfer as it is for the shared flat.


Thanks very much for your help!



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Re: Working line transfer

try here if you have not already

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