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Aspiring Expert
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Re: Worst Xmas Pressy Ever

Worst present has to be this year, courtesy of Royal Fail. Had tracking number for 2 tablets for Christmas presents since 6th December. 17th, and still not delivered, nor trackable as can only be tracked once delivered - wonderful logic. Partner is off to family over 100 miles away tomorrow, without tablets....


Can't say that even as a child, have had any awful pressies, even when we were absolutely brassy in the 70s...

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Aspiring Expert
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Re: Worst Xmas Pressy Ever

My pet hate is presents for the sake of presents, cheap junk like a pair of socks and such like, a fkin kimono I got one xmas. A present I will never forget for the rest of my life. If you must give presents, put some thought and expense into it. 🙂
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