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Worst company out there

On the 27th Feb I decided to leave bt because I believed they were adding false calls to my bills.

Within a week of forwarding MAC code my phone and broadband went dead. I thought this to be very well timed as I have been a customer for over 2 years with no connection problems. Anyway I reported these faults and informed that my account had been deactivated and would be reactivated within 24 hours. Well a week has passed and still no phone. Plusnet have broadband up and running fine.

Interesting thing comes when I question this deactivation. I am repeatedly told that this never happened and the, now fault was repaired on 3 seperate days, depending on who I am talking too. What BT fail to open their eyes to is that I have kept the transcript that informs me of the deactivation. I am now requesting a letter of deadlock and witholding payment until latest bill is amended to reflect my inability to use phone and broadband. New customers, go else where. This company will rip you off.
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Re: Worst company out there

Plusnet is owned by BT.


Is your phone service still going to be provided by BT Retail or Plusnet?


As you are awaiting a deadlock letter, then there is not much that forum members can do, as this is only a customer to customer help forum.


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