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Wow, faster speeds thanks to you guys! But I could do with some more help.....



Me again. I would just like to say thank you to everyone here who helped me out. I bought a BT Business hub and my speed has rocketed. My line capacity was at around 650-750kbps, now I'm topping 950kbps, which means I went up a profile! This meant my speed increased by 50%, from (512kbps) 60kBps to (750kbps) 90kBps.


I couldn't be more grateful to be honest and I'm actually getting close to the next profile threshold of 1152kbps for a profile of 1000kbps. But, I musn't get greedy now, so I'm content with what I'm at.


The reason I need help is because I'm struggling to decipher the BT Business Hub.


The first question I'd like to ask is. Can I manage the devices connected to the router, i.e. Change their Client IDs to something more readable and apply Port Forwarding (e.g. for a games console) by client as opposed to by the DHCP IP address, like I could on the very user friendly BT Homehub 3?


The second question is, could you help me interpret this information? For instance, where it says Rate. Is that the IP Profile threshold I should be assigned to? And where it says Max Rate, is that my line capacity? The Rate cap, is that just the same as my Max Rate as it seems to change with it?


The reason I'm interested is because I like to know what's going on with my internet, and it frustrates me when I don't.

DSL DetailsDown Up

Modem Type:Built in modem - ADSL
DSL Line (Wire Pair):Line 1 (inner pair)
Current DSL Connection:
Rate:864 kbs288 kbs
Max Rate:926 kbs308 kbs
Noise Margin:6.0 dB7.0 dB
Attenuation:63.0 dB31.5 dB
Output Power:16.2 dBm11.5 dBm
Protocol:G.DMT Annex A
DSLAM Vendor InformationCountry: {46336} Vendor: {IFTN} Specific: {48753 }
ATM PVC:0/38
Rate Cap:926 kbs
Attenuation @ 300kHz:63.0 dB
Uncanceled Echo:-15.9 dBOk
VCXO Frequency Offset:22.4 ppmOk
Final Receive Gain:34.5 dBOk
Impulse Noise Comp. Tones:0Ok
Excessive Impulse Noise:0Ok


Thanks guys,

You really are the best. I've gone from a 128kbps profile to a 750kbps one. That really is amazing.


Thanks again,


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Re: Wow, faster speeds thanks to you guys! But I could do with some more help.....

Hi to answer your second question max rate /rate cap the are the max your line can support

rate is your actual connection rate

as to port forwarding this may help as to changing client ids it can be done but sorry i cannot remember how personally i never bother as all devices i have are permanently connected
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