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Re: Wrong Street cabinet fibre

Now told that is very possible cables spliced to wrong cab, but no resolution or firm diagnosis yet offered after 27 days, surely new line and number transfer would be simplest as what are chances of same issue?
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Re: Wrong Street cabinet fibre

'Which cabinet were you told you were wired to?

It's very odd for the cabinets to have such high numbers which makes me more inclined to think this is an infil cabinet. Could you take a picture of the cabinet and post it up here for me to see?'

Seen it a few times. It's usually where there was a PCP years upon years ago but was 'Stumped Out' aka removed and just jointed underground. A lot of the time you'll find them near busy A Roads, probably why they were stumped out for safety reasons.

The 601 number refers to the underground joint box it was in but for whatever reason they give that same number to the PCP instead of the next number along against how many existing PCP's the Exchange has.

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