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Wrongly sent to SPAM by BT Mail

When the new BT Mail was first introduced last year the SPAM filter was mad, sending many legitimate messages to SPAM - over time this appeared to settle, but suddenly I find messages from senders such as ASDA, and Facebook and my Bank (one of the big 5) are being sent to SPAM again - some I am sure I marked as not SPAM and Safe Sender in the past. What is happening? I am now having to check SPAM again on a daily basis to ensure I am not losing legitimate mail, which I was receiving in the past. I am checking the sent addresses carefully (in a client which shows them up), to see whether they are being spoofed, but they are not.

Has the SPAM filter been changed recently, and if it has, can you change it back? as this is now all in your control and you aren't helping my productivity or peace of mind!

I am not having a repeat of the past problem (after the change from BT Yahoo Mail)  I had, by the way, when all my messages were being sent to SPAM. so that's a positive I suppose.

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