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XBOX One connection problems

We’ve recently upgraded our BT Service to a higher speed connection. This comes with a Smart Hub 2 router. This works fine for all other devices except my XBOX One. I can connect to the internet via this Smart Hub 2  but XBOX live does not work. I cannot  connect to XBox Live or play NowTV, BBC iPlayer etc through the XBox anymore. I used to be able to do this with our previous slow connection.  I’ve spent days trying to fix this. Please help?

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Re: XBOX One connection problems

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Re: XBOX One connection problems

Many thanks for the prompt response. I switched Smart Hub off a few days ago. That did not make a difference. Thanks for the help anyway.
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Re: XBOX One connection problems

I assume you are using wireless?

Does it work if you connect the Xbox directly to the home hub, using an Ethernet cable?

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Re: XBOX One connection problems

Hi Keith,
I’ve tried wireless and wired, connect directly to the Smart Hub 2 and via BT Mini connectors in the living room. No success. Took the Xbox to a friends earlier today to check if it would work on their network and it did, so the xbox is not faulty either. BT Speed test suggests I’m getting a good download speed. I’m out of ideas.
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Re: XBOX One connection problems

Perhaps parental controls, if they have been enabled, are blocking the sites you want to access?

There is one other thing you can try, and that is to manually configure the network settings and assigning it a static IP address.

This is one of my pages which may help.

Using static IP addresses on your home network

There is also a link at the bottom of that page to a site which shows you how to alter the networks settings on the Xbox, but remember to use the values shown on my page.

I would try it on the wired (Ethernet) connection first.


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Re: XBOX One connection problems

Many thank again for your advice here. So, I’ve connected the xBox to Ethernet socket 3 and set up a static IP address outside the router range
I amended the xBox with IPv4 IP address as
Subnet mask and Gateway
DNS and
Port 56414.
When I run a “Test network connection” it takes a long time but eventually says “Your console is connected to the internet” when I continue from here an try to connect to XBox Live it says I’m not connected to the internet. Any suggestions?
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Re: XBOX One connection problems

Change the primary DNS to

Secondary  DNS, use

That is Google public DNS and may help.

What do you mean by port 56414, that makes no sense?

DNS operates on port 53 anyway, but you should not need to specify that.

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Re: XBOX One connection problems

Ok. I’ve made those changes but the Port settings trouble me. The Port is 56414 and when I try to set that manually it gives me a few options all starting with 56... I don’t have a manual option to set it to 53.
Made the changes, restarted the XBox and still the same outcome. **bleep**.
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Re: XBOX One connection problems

I do not know what you mean by the port. I think you are going to have to see if there is another Xbox user on this forum who can help.

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