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XBOX connection issues

I have has this problem for atleast 4/5 months now, and it's not just me that's having this problem and friend down the street is too, what it is, is basically the connection feels fine on a laptop but when it comes to Xbox live gaming on games such a call of duty I get terrible lag and half the time it doesn't find me a ranked game, it's worse on call of duty than any other game, and when I dashboard I get disconnected from Xbox live and I get a message pop up saying 'some Xbox live content maybe unavailable" which I then have to test connection to xbox live, this happends every single time I turn my Xbox on I basically have to test my network connection, this is linked up wirelessly, it's like my network can't stream games because of poor latency or download speeds, I'm getting on average 11mbps. when I first joined it was 22mbps and also my ping is like 220 and it should be nowere near that, under 100 if anything. it really is terrible to game with, you get thrown in matches with others with bad connection... Not even talk talk was this bad and this is supposed to be fibre optic!!! I'm really not happy with it to be honest it's the main reason I have the Internet for, to game! if anyone could help please do! many thanks! Also it's a BT home hub 3 with the white open reach box.
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Re: XBOX connection issues

I advise to connect all consoles to ethernet not wireless, that will be your main issue!. I have my 360, PS3, Wii U and Wii connected all up to etherent and have no issues. You can lose so much downstream and upstream bandwidth to a poor wireless adapter in your consoles that makes online gaming a bad experience also are you using the dual channel wireless adpater on your 360 not the single one?. Also set your console that you use the most to DMZ enabled in your router home hub page, that helps alot. Do a and show me an img from your laptop/desktop, see what results you get, make sure you are connected ethernet though to your HH3/4 and not wireless when you do the test and make sure no other devices are using bandwidth when you do it, shut all the rest down?. A pefect result for online gaming should be hitting a result of Line Quality A with a MOS: 4.40, for an example:-


22-Aug-13 1-36-45 AM.png

Please click on white star to the left and say thanks if I have helped you at all!. 🙂 Thank you. Some handy links Copy & Paste:-