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Xbox One disconnecting

I recently changed from sky to BT and they gave me the smart hub 2. I’m much happier with the speeds but it’s frustrating you are not able to split the bands for 2.4GHz and 5GHz. My Xbox is constantly stuck on the 2.4 band even though there’s only one room between it. Nevertheless, when on Xbox Live my live will disconnect for a few seconds quite a few times a day but this is enough to take me offline and ruin my experience. I wondered if there’s any workaround for this? I am going to contact BT on Monday to see if I can swap the smart hub 2 for smart hub 1 to change my bands but I don’t know if this will fix the issue, thanks in advance!

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Re: Xbox One disconnecting


It would be much better to connect the Xbox directly to the home hub using an Ethernet cable or broadband extenders, as wireless is subject to a lot of interference.

Also try turning Smart Setup off.


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Re: Xbox One disconnecting

Thanks for your response. I did not have this problem previously with sky and it’s not possible for me to use an Ethernet cable so I purchased a powerline adapter but the speeds I am receiving using are extremely slow compared to wireless. 

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