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Xbox One ipv4/ipv6

Hi I just got BT broadband fitted today, everything is great when connecting my phone and my  iPad, the issue I do have is with my Xbox One, it connects via Wi-fi and Ethernet and I can watch Netflix and the like, but I’m having a problem with the ipv4 and ipv6 settings, the NAT type is not showing in the settings saying (nat type is unavailable) so it’s stopping me getting online in multiplayer games which is a pain, does anyone know a solution to my problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Darren

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Re: Xbox One ipv4/ipv6

Try plugging your Xbox straight into your router..    

just read it again, you have already plugged your Xbox into the router via Ethernet ?

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Re: Xbox One ipv4/ipv6

Thanks for the reply I didn’t realise somebody had messaged me, yes mate I’ve tried it wireless and through Ethernet, no joy with either, I’ve tried port forwarding but I’m not to sure what I’m doing, I’m not very good with this type of technical stuff lol.

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