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Xbox live

Ok I need an expert as I know very little. I’ve installed fibre at home. My son and I play on Xbox live and now it doesn’t work.

At first I added all of activisions ports into the hub firewall menu. This had the affect of changing my nat type from moderate to open. Great 👍

Now the problem is my son can’t use the same ports. I tried setting him up on different ones 3076. But that had one effect.

We can’t even join each other’s lobbies now let alone play.

I hope this is making some sort of sense to someone. As I explained I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Two xboxes. One network. Help!
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Re: Xbox live

If your router supports UPNP, activate that. It will assign different ports for the same service when multiple devices try to the same one. 3074 in xbox live's case.

If you don't have UPNP, you will have to assign a static IP to one of the xbox's and use an alternate port so it doesn't conflict with the other xbox.

go to to find out to do it on your particular router.

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