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Xbox one BT FTTP

Hi, i recently signed up for Bt ultrafast1 in the hopes that it would improve my latency, jitter and packet loss.

though my ping is generally really good (at around 5ms when connected to Apex) i still suffer from fps drops and stutter when i get in high intensive gun fights. I have portforward Apex Legends but to no avail. Im really disappointed and thought being on fttp would make my gaming alot better when it comes to online gaming but alas! 
Plz let me know if theres a way to improve my gaming on the smarthub 2.


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Re: Xbox one BT FTTP


As with all network connections, make sure you are connected via Ethernet not wireless.

Try turning Smart Setup off if you have not already

Is your Smart Hub 2 connected directly to the Openreach ONT?

You will never have an exclusive connection to the Internet, you will be sharing the virtual path with other users, so some slowdown is expected, especially during peak times.

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Re: Xbox one BT FTTP

Im using 20m cat7 wired ethernet connected from my bedroom straight into the router which is in the living room. Does turning off smart setup improve my ethernet patency stability, becasue my ping can jump from 5-10ms pin to 100+and back down which effects the stability when online gaming causin me to jitter/stutter ever 3-5secs which in turn makes my game session almost unplayable and not fun. 
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Re: Xbox one BT FTTP

Is it just Apex that has this issue? 
Any other devices connected to your Wi-fi when this happens, ie streaming from a tv or iPad?

Many on here use piling plotter to help to uncover a problem. It could be the good old internet, your network. 

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Re: Xbox one BT FTTP

Hi yes i have about 3-4 other devices connected to the wifi  at the same time using Youtube and Netflix to watch videos. Could this cause the lagspikes?

Because on theulteafast packages BT states that you should have a stable connection with a full household of 6+devices running at the same time. 
Ive ran pingplotter heres the link.

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Re: Xbox one BT FTTP

Thanks for the video.

thats the mobile version so it does need really to be a wired test to insure its accuracy.

Bt probably are correct that you could run 6 devices depending on what you are doing. it does not state gaming just a general description, mine tells me something about 3 to 4 devices.

theres also a thread regarding spikes and latency on this forum thats worth a read through. 

Now you may or may not suffer the spikes others are seeing, once wired we can have a nice look and its not uncommon to see paths not making connections and dropped packets, its the end figure you need to look at carefully.

Here comes the crunch, many of us don't use BT hubs so that we can control our networks to a higher degree and while some complain about why another router is required it really depends on your needs and your network. 

So a good wired ping plotter left running while you use the internet is the first thing to do if you think theres an issue. test with Netflix and youtube and so on then see what the results are.

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Re: Xbox one BT FTTP


im looking to buy a gaming router so i can do a qos and bufferbloat.

im currently looking buy - NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR300 Wifi Router with 4 Ethernet Ports and Wireless speeds up to 1.75 Gbps, AC1750, Optimized for Low ping (XR300)


and was wondering if it was compatible with bt ont??

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Re: Xbox one BT FTTP


You will need to edit out the direct link to Amazon, as its against forum rules. You can link to the manufacturers website with the specification i.e this link.

And yes, it will work with FTTP.

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Re: Xbox one BT FTTP

Before jumping onto that router I would suggest you visit Dumas forum and have a read. Join if need be as there are quite a few bugs in the software that you need to read up on.

ive got the XR500 and Netgear’s RAX120 AX12. remember the XR series of routers are based on old Netgear designs and 32bit with Duma added on top of Netgear’s software. They may not offer the best performance and updates are slow. 

I would take your time and read up on the various routers from different manufacturers and what they offer. 

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Re: Xbox one BT FTTP


there’s an interesting thread on Dumas site where there is a work around that helps with the spikes and latency. It does require throttling back the connection to a very high degree which is also almost classed as cheating for some online games due to the way they handle connections.

in basic terms you throttle back to use just 20% or below which helps. It’s not a total cure and you may need to adjust to suit other useages but it’s a work around one or two have found that works.

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