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YV seems more and more disinclined to react to remote

Over the last few days the YV box seems less and less likely to respond to the remote. I sometimes need to press a key 7 or 8 times before it will take any notice. Sometimes I try several very long presses and this sometimes seems to work. It's not the batteries and it's not the remote. It's not another remote stuck on or the TV flooding the room with IR. All other devices work fine. I can use the same buttons in TV mode and the TV reacts instantly to each and every single press, even if I 'bounce' off a wall or the ceiling.


It started a few days ago when it seemed to miss a few presses but now it seems to happen about 60% of the time. It almost seems that the 'detection' has gone to sleep and needs many many seconds get its ar** back in gear. I have had (only once or twice) seen it then execute several of the buttons that I pressed in sequence (ie queued up) but normally it just takes 10 or 15 seconds to respond to the last key pressed.


Not in standby, not in max eco mode, not in don't listen to the remote for 15 seconds mode. etc etc.


Any ideas?


Ta, Andy.


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Re: YV seems more and more disinclined to react to remote

You may want to check  in/on contribute to this youview forum thread were someone is reporting similar issues

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