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Yahoo in browser email how to change appearance?

I have 2 email accounts with BT Yahoo. Account 1 has folders down the left hand side. The middle is split in half vertically. The top half has the list of emails with the bottom half showing the contents of the message. Account 2 has a list of emails in the same middle part. When I click on an email it is displayed in the whole of the middle section. This option is far better. With account 1, there is not enough space to see iether the list of emails on the top half or the contents of the email on the bottom half. This option is virtually unworkable and useless! Account 2 is in the same chrome browser. Yet when I log in it gives me a far far workable option. How do I alter the layout in the browser for BT yahoo mail?



Account 2 which appearance I want is:

Account 1 which I do not want is:



Similar to what I want:



Similar to what I don't want:


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Re: Yahoo in browser email how to change appearance?

The two pictures you have shown are of two different things. One is webmail and the other is an email client. 


If you want an email client to display in a similar manner to the webmail picture you should open the email client and on the menu options at the top click on View > then look along the options that have been offered, there should be something like "reading pane" , "message list" or similar. Click on them until you find the view you like.

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Re: Yahoo in browser email how to change appearance?

If you are wanting to change the way webmail is displayed you have to log onto your webmail then go to "Actions" (icon that looks like a cog) This will give you a dropdown box. Tick or untick the boxes untill you get the display that you want. I suspect it will be that you don't want the preview pane so tick that box.

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