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'You don't want FTTP....'

So the FTTP Team have been in touch....


The first representative was very polite, but it soon became clear that I knew more about FTTP than they did.To be fair, the rep conceded that 'I don't know a lot about this..', but advised that there was a 'specialist team' I could be passed on to.


Following a twenty minute hold ('your call is important to us....') I was confronted (the only appropriate word) by the most aggressive rep I've ever encountered anywhere - someone more than happy to tell me that I didn't want FTTP, didn't know what I was talking about, was confusing FTTC and FTTP, and keen to try and shout me down when I tried to explain otherwise.However, I maintained my composure, as I suspected that this was yet another BT 'put them off FTTP at all costs' ploy. Sure enough, once the little rant was over, the tone became more measured and it was accepted that I did  know what I was talking about.After some discussion I was advised that there was a 'specialist team' that I needed to be passed on to...


After a few minutes another rep introduced themselves - very polite and calm (so quite a change after the previous...).However, my enquiry was of such a nature that I need to be passed on to a 'specialist team' within their team...


Finally...a rep who was calm, polite, willing to listen and (most of all) a consumate technical professional who quickly grasped the nature of my enquiry and then was able to offer serious discussion of all available options (for example, FTTPoD, EFM, uncontested GEA, Leased Lines, bonding, and so on) This included options on GEA of which I was unaware and which did provide 'food-for-thought'.However, I decide to press ahead with my original FTTPoD enquiry...


'Ah - unfortunately, it's completely 'greyed-out' on our product matrix'


'You mean it's not available in my area?'


'No, no - grey-out means it isn't available anywhere.Let me check for you'


It transpired (according to the rep) that FTTPoD has been withdrawn as a product (so lifting the 'stop / sell' was somewhat pointless).It shall be replaced by FoD once the current trials have been completed.So it's a case of 'watch this space' for future announcements by BT (or move to Gosforth....:-)  )


So, after eighty minutes on the 'phone, and speaking to the specialist team within the specialist team within the specialist team within the specialist team, I finally got a satisfactory answer. But wouldn't it be easier for BT simply to say (and tell the FTTP Sales Team!)  'unavailable until FoD comes on-stream'?..


Now, could I justify that uncontested GEA?.....:-)



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Re: 'You don't want FTTP....'

I almost forgot - one other interesting revelation (assuming the rep was correct - I see no reason to doubt) was that FoD, whilst still expected to be a niche product, will be regarded as a purely residential broadband product.Therefore, service provision shall be Infinity based - so no more extortionate business derived line rentals. However, to say that FoD shall therefore be 'cheaper' is relative - you'll still have to pick up the tab for the infrastructure work.

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Re: 'You don't want FTTP....'

FTTPoD was a service offered by Openreach but the only two ISP's who sold it on that I'm aware of were BT Business, which is competely seperate from BT Retail and Zen.

Openreach stopped accepting new orders for it some time ago though. Depending on the distance from the nearest aggregation node you could end up paying in excess of £10,000 to have it installed then you have to sign up to a minimum term of something like 3 years with a monthly rental in excess of £100... That's why it was never sold on by BT Retail...
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Re: 'You don't want FTTP....'

Hello John


This is an update from my earlier thread - so I'm well aware of the history of FTTPoD.As part of the response to the Ofcom Review the 'stop / sell' on the product was lifted; as it turns out, unnecessarily, as the product was to be withdrawn anyway.But thank you for taking the time to reply.


I just hope that the FoD information / ordering process isn't as torturous as that for FTTPoD!!!

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