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You gotta laugh...............

My latest Bill from BT shows under the heading "What you used" that my  Phone usage for the period in question amounted to   100203.00, this figure appearing the column where all the other charges are itemised.   Fortunately the sub-total for the section amounts to just £1.00 and that is what I was charged - but in my experience unreported errors have a nasty habit of returning when I least expect them to give me a nasty bite in the derriere.  So, I decided to use the online Chat facility to sort the matter out with BT, telling them that an inaccurate figure of £100203.00 was shown on my Bill.  After a short pause the BT person said I will check that for you; after another short pause they said "That's incorrect.  You have not been charged for it. You can ignore it."      But why is it there at all I asked.  The reply came "I think you are viewing your Bill online. It's due to a technical error."     I confirmed that I was indeed viewing my Bill online because I do not receive paper bills.   I said I hoped that the technical error would be drawn to the attention of the appropriate people in BT so that it can be fixed (in case I do get oversharged next time round) but that suggestion was just ignored and instead I was offered a paper bill within 5 working days.

Does not inspire confidence.