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YouView/BT TV App Connection Problems

Hello all


I have a BT YouView UHD box but I am unable to connect it to either the BT TV or YouView apps to take advantage of the remote record functionality.  The apps find the box but, when I try to connect, there is no on-screen prompt. Since the firmware has been updated, I obviously can’t connect manually either.


Is is there any solution to this problem? For info, I don’t have a current BT TV subscription but do have a BT phone and Infinity subscription. I’m trying to connect on iPhone with iOS 11. My partner can’t connect his phone either. I had no problems connecting to the box manually before. 


Many thanks!

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Distinguished Guru
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Re: YouView/BT TV App Connection Problems

I assume you have the latest versions of the Youview app and the Youview box is otherwise functioning normally.


I would be inclined to check on your Youview box  under Serttings , Mobile Dvices And see what your Youview box thinks is currently connected. If there are any  devices that you no longer or cannot currently use  Disconnect them. Then do a soft reset of the Youview box. (soft reset/reboot: touch/press the power/standby button on the front/top of the box for about 8 seconds until it starts a reboot.).


Then try to connect the Youview app again.


If not possible you could try posting the issue on the YouView Community.


Note this is only what I would try rather than any experience of the problem  you are facing. good luck.

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