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YouView - Players and BT Sport not working

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Hi Ever since the latest software update our youview box will not let us use the ITV/BBC/BT Players and BT Sport channels are not working

When selecting the players the same issue happens - the screen goes to "Loading" and then the screen goes back to the channel it was on previously.


When I select BT Sport channels, the screen goes blank - after about 20 seconds I get a BT Sport picture for 1-2 seconds and then it freezes and then goes black again.


This is now really frustrating

I spent an hour on the chat and then the phone the other day and then was told I would need an engineer to set up our system - sounds to me like it's a software issue with the box, rather an issue with the connection

(Internet is working fine and the box is conected by an ethernet cable to the BT Home Hub)



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Re: YouView - Players and BT Sport not working

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Hello @Thompson7nh


Would be happy to see if I can help. Please contact me via Private Message with either your home number or account number and I will see what I can do for you.


Kind regards,


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Re: YouView - Players and BT Sport not working

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You really need to roll back this latest update as it has destroyed all the functionality of the service. Look at all the unhappy people since you have done this (quick internet search would show you).


BT will be losing customers if this is not resolved.


My box underwent the update overnight and this morning all the internet channels were no longer working. I was able to watch Freeview channels and even a recording of a programe which was in progress, but unable to view the channel itself.


No access to any ondemand players. I switched the box off and then back on to see if that reset things but the box would no longer boot up (got as far as the YOUView logo and then died).


Spoke to an advisor and advised him of the problems (and that it has only been since the update) and was made to reset the box through the maintanence options. All equipment was checked prior to the contact with the advisor and was proven to be working fine.


This did not work so he booked a 'chargable' engineering vist for Tuesday. He seemed like he couldnt wait to get me off the phone. I presume the NOTV engineer would have reset the box to get it workingand then billed me for the visit.


The only way to get the box working was eventually to fully reset the box (loosing all recordings!!!!) The box is now powering up fully and working but the update is terrible, not able to hide all the unwanted duplicate channels for a start is infuriating! God knows what else is wrong with it.




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