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YouView Ultra HD box works then turns off when turning on

Hi Everyone, I have spoken to BT and an engineer is coming out at the end of the month to replace my Ultra HD 4K YouView box. Yesterday I turned my box on and was greeted with the 'Red standby light' under the BT logo. When I turn the box on the 'Blue' Light appears on the light line as per normal and the screen on the tele reads - 'BT Waking Up' Next it goes black and blank on the screen and the light disappears under the BT logo. Then the tv screen says YOUVIEW warming up, still with no lights on the light line on the BT box itself (under the BT logo). Next the screen goes blank and the TV tells me it has no signal. You can hear the BT box is still on (can hear the fan going) but no lights on the box and the remote is obsolete. After speaking to BT, I did a factory reset and still the box turns itself off after the same amount of time - possibly without completing the 'factory reset'. When I turn the box on the 'Red light' stays on 'Standby' for the same amount of time and then without turning the box on the red light goes off but can still hear the fan going, and the box and remote are again obsolete. The software is UKTFAF 0.03 on the 'BT Waking up' screen. The BT customer service person set up an appointment for the end of the the month as the earliest possible, but still a very grumpy customer with no TV and from what the customer service person said, it will be a new box so all recordings will be gone.... Grumpy man - 0 BT - 1. Has anyone had any experience of this before and any solutions would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.
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