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YouView and leaving BT



I have a BT YouView box (I don't think it's +) and Home Hub 2. I am about to leave BT and would like to know what effect that will have on the YouView box. I have never used a paid for service through BTYV and never will. I only use live TV and 7 day catchup from the EPG 'play' symbol. We have no Infinity in the area so no added extras as far as that is concerned. No BT Sport - not interested. I record programs and use time slip.


If I leave BT and use a different router will I still be able to watch a) live TV and b) 7 day catchup? Will recording and time slip still work? Will I still get software upgrades?


Thanks, Andy.

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Re: YouView and leaving BT

Yes to all. Live TV comes through the aerial so the IP side has no effect. All the catch-up players will work. Recording and time slip will still work exactly the same. All you will lose is the BT portions (BT on demand portal and IP channels). And you are not covered if anything goes wrong with the box and all viewing will count towards your broadband useage (where it was exempt under a TV package).


You will still get the software upgrades I believe but they will still remain the BT one's (not retail).


Also the plus is just to denote it has a HDD in the box and can record (All humax youView at present boxes have this ability) maybe in future there will be a zapper type box (like the TT one) but at the minute it is really just for show..

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Re: YouView and leaving BT

The customer service reps may well tell you that the box will not work (and also often insist that you have to send it back to BT) - but just ignore them. The info in the post above is correct.
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