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YouView box - Return to factory settings

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I'm suffering from the live TV pause/rewind/fast forward/back/play controls failure.

I've been searching for ages and soon got fed up with that but haven't found a solution I'm happy with yet. Most threads I found were years old so don't know if any are still valid or not. I did find the suggestion that a 'return to factory settings' is required but I have a lot of recordings that I do not wish to lose. And then there's the horror threads about things going wrong after a factory reset - scary stuff.

I tried the Settings cog on the YouView home page; I found the 'return to factory settings' option but it said I would lose my recordings, don't want that.

I found several posts about using the buttons on the box instead but couldn't find one for the YouView box, only for the G4 box, whatever that is, and the Humax boxes.

I found several links to a PDF that is supposed to explain how to but the links fail, as expected I have to say 😥

Does the option to reset but keep recordings still exist?
How do I invoke it?
Is it reliable? (As in not deleting my recordings)


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Re: YouView box - Return to factory settings

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Hi @BikerDon 

Select your set top box from the list here and follow the instructions to enter Maintenance Mode then choose your option. It's always kept my recordings when I've used it, I sometimes find it takes more than one attempt to get into Maintenance Mode though, I find the buttons on the top of the box too close together and a bit fiddly!

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Re: YouView box - Return to factory settings

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Cheers @Andy005, worked a treat. Despite what the doc said I didn't lose my scheduled recordings either = Bonus