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YouView box not powering up.

I've been having a couple of issues with my BT Provided Humax G5 device and it has now completely lost the will to live.

Previous issues included it not allowing any recording to take place; then it wouldn't allow any deletion of recordings to take place ... but each timme I have managed to get around the issue through resets.

However, today I noticed the box had no lights on at all. I tried turning it on with the remote ... nothing !

So I turned it off as the back and on again ... the light came on for a minute and then off it went again.

I've tried the usual ... power off for a while; reboot in factory reset mode etc... but nothing happens except the red light comes on for a minute and then turns off.

So basically, the box is dead, unless somebody else can tell me another trick to use please.

Thanks - BAC.

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