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Youtube videos buffering/won’t play

Good day!

I recently upgraded my fibre broadband from Superfast Fibre 2 (67mb) to BT Halo 1 with Fibre 100. I noticed the internet speed increased significantly when web browsing and playing on my console but for some unknown reason I started having issues when streaming Youtube videos on all of my devices (phone/laptop/tablet).

It started about a week ago when I noticed some Youtube videos would load very slowly and sometimes not load at all. It’s bizarre since some would load fine and some just won’t load at all. I’d also like to mention that other streaming platforms and social medias (Facebook/Netflix/Twitch/Reddit etc) work fine with no issues.

I’ve spoken to a BT advisor on the phone and all he could think of doing was to restart the hub and try to reset the hub to it’s factory settings. I tried both actions and unfortunately the issue I have still stands.

I did some searching about this problem and I found this post that is similar to what I’m currently experiencing

Could this be a case of same problem, different year?

Everything is connected via Wi-fi, no problems with signal interference/out of range signals since I only live in a small flat.

Thanks in advance and early apologies for late replies since I work the night shifts 😅.