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Youview BOx freezing during start up

Hi All,


As the title suggests, when I turn my box on using the remote,

its begins its start up process.

Usually the box would force my TV to switch to that input -

however the past few days it has not.

I manually switch the the HDMI input and the "almost ready" screen is stuck on one of the circles.

I have tried to leave it for a while to see if it sorts itself out, it has never done so.

My current fix is to switch the box off (From the back), then switch it back on.

Is there any permanent fix or do I have a faulty box?


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Re: Youview BOx freezing during start up

I have a similar big deal, just wondered if anyone had the same problem.....


When I put the box into standby overnight, about every one in.........say four or five refuses to come out of standby....the light on the box stays orange and there is no output from the HMDI channel.....and no, I haven't got the remote switched to tv, honest, as when I restart the box - rear switch as said above - my remote works just fine....


I have tried resetting the remote - taking the batteries out, in plain english - and no change. Also, the front buttons do nothing either - thought they might jolt it back to life, but no.


I've tried it on both types of standby change....


Like I said, no big deal...just interested to see if it is just me...

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Re: Youview BOx freezing during start up

Have this problem too now and again. I just flick the switch on the back, then boot it up again and it works fine.


For some reason it is locking up just before it starts sending the output to the TV, not really that worried as it works the second time round. Hopefully they already know and will fix in the next update.

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Re: Youview BOx freezing during start up

THis is an ultra late reply, but this fault is pretty annoying. I dont want to be using the switch at the back everytime this happens, its quite unreliable IMO - Maybe it has to do with my box being on Eco Mode - Can anyone at BT help?
Or is there a fix
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Re: Youview BOx freezing during start up

Here is the youview response, they seem to know about the issue, I wonder if we get the same update or BT provide it?
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