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Youview Box Problems


We recently upgraded our Youview Box but are experiencing some problems. When we have watched a recording we have made and try to hit Back or try to delete it we will get an error message.  It says we cannot watch a particular channel because we have too many recordings going.  This happens when we have one other programme recording. The error screen will flash constantly and we are unable to get out of this screen - even if we turn the box off and on the flashing screen is still there. Obviously it is impossible to have too many channels recording as the system only lets you set two anyway.  The only way to get rid of this screen is to power down the box by cutting the power (and losing the programme that is recording) or waiting for the recording to end (annoying as we cant watch anything else). Does this happen to anyone else?

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Re: Youview Box Problems


There's just been announced a phased release software update which I think will resolve your problems. You maybe able to get this by trying a forced update.

The release number is 32.51.0/3.7.8 and details of it can be found here 


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