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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

Hi Sean

We have the DTRT2100 Humax box (variant 84B08500) and it is saying on the Software Information page that the latest software is installed and details: 3.6.168 (e6d432).

We have not had HD channels (I'm talking about Channels 1 - 5 here) for 3 months. They slowly got worse over Xmas then disappeared altogether. 

The Standard Definition channels have slowly deteriorated until the Signal Strength and Quality was barely registering. 

We have tried turning it off an on, re-tuning a millions times and have now bought a SLx 27822BMR 2 Way TV Aerial Signal Booster with IR Bypass which has boosted the Strength to 90% and Quality to 50-60% on the SD channels but still no HD channels in sight.  Even with the SD signal boosted Channel 4 is still coming up blocky and showing the YVM302 Error code.

Am loath to do a Factory Reset unless it is the last option as we have quite a lot recorded from the past year.

Please can you help?

thank you


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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

@nickb82  this thread relates to a very specific problem causing HD channels to drop out of the tuner guide on the box, and they are picked back up after a retune. 

Your problem sounds like a completely different (signal related) issue if you're not even getting channels in the first place - and if your signal quality is that bad and has deteriorated, that feels to me like it is more likely to be a problem outside of the box. 

Suggest you open a new thread, and also consider the following:

1. What are the signal quality levels like on the TV the box is attached to? If those are also poor, it might just be the YouView box is less tolerant. 

2. Where is your aerial, and is there a possibility it might have been knocked out of alignment? 

3. Have you spoken to neighbours to see if they are having any problems? Perhaps ask if you can try your box on their aerial and see if you get the same results?

4. Have you put your postcode into the freeview coverage checker to see if there is anything going on in your area?

5. Given it has happened gradually, have you considered if anything has changed in the vicinity of your property that might be affecting your signal?  Tree growth, new building nearby etc. 

6. Have you checked all the obvious stuff such as your cables and connectors? One poor connector is all it takes to kill a signal. 

7. Do you have any co-ax fly leads running near transformers or other PSUs?  A lot of co-ax fly leads from DIY sheds are cheap rubbish and poorly screened, and can pick up interference.  Our tumbler used to cause blocking on a nearby TV and I just replaced the rubbish co-ax with high grade mesh and foil screened cable. 

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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

Where did you put the amplifier, if it is between the wall outlet and the Youview input, any problems with the down lead,(which I would suspect) or aerial, the amplifier will amplify both signal and the noise, and hence it won't improve it.

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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

Seems my YouView box has updated itself to the new code sometime over the last few days.  Now running 3.6.174 / 32.43.0. 

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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

Same here. ( Chesterfield ). Let's hope that's it.

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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

This box, or rather it's software is a pile of **bleep**. Watching TV now and have 100% signal but a popup constantly telling me that there is weak signal.. making 4seven unwatchable... The only thing stopping me watching the channel is the constant popup. 

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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

@bry040  if I remember rightly, don't you have some sort of omni-directional/dome aerial?  

If so, it's worth reading this resource

Lots of other useful info on the site too. 

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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

Thanks for the link (and well rememberd!).

Is it possible that they coded the software assuming a directional antenna? Sure is, since they coded it so it didn't work with directional ones with any overlapping signal, or for that matter, in Yorkshire.

Either way, **bleep** software!

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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

@bry040  doubt it's anything to do with the software update, but if there is some sort of tenuous link, it is probably that it is now exposing an underlying issue with your aerial setup and signal.  

What you have is a type of aerial that will probably work quite happily in good/strong signal areas - but its design means it must by definition be inferior to a directional aerial which is what I'd expect the majority of people on this thread to be using.  Given you were seeing the YouView issue, you must be a fair distance from your primary transmitter too, making a directional aerial even more important.   Even if your aerial is powered/amplified, don't imagine that will make much difference if the signal quality coming in is already compromised - as it will just amplify the rubbish.  i.e. 100% on the signal strength bar means nothing if the signal quality bar is way down. 

You might recall that in the course of my digging into the YouView issue, it became clear that my signal quality was actually quite poor from Emley with blocking on some channels where coverage should have been OK.  Even kids on mopeds riding by on the road outside our house was enough to cause blocking.  I'd originally put this down to having a loft aerial and just put up with it - but now, I have a new high quality/gain aerial located in a far better position in the loft, and have got rid of the cheap and nasty poorly screen co-ax throughout our house and it has made a HUGE difference.  None of this was anything to do with the YouView box. 

Suggest you look at the Freeview site for your transmitter and check out the other channels on the same mux as 4seven - such as Yesterday, HGTV etc. are having the same issue - and do a check of the signal quality and signal strength on your YouView and TV tuners.   I suspect you might see a pattern emerge when you compare to channels/muxes that are OK.  The muxes are transmitted at different frequencies so it is entirely possible to have an aerial/signal problem that impacts just one of them. 

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