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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

Yeh, you probably have a point.. likely just my residual annoyance at waiting 8 months for the last bug to be fixed colouring my judgement 😉 

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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

Nope, I take back, it is a pile of **bleep**. Watching the family chase whilst getting audio from 'The Mummy' on the next channel up kinda spoils viewing.. it's a heap.

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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels


I also have a loft aerial and have been through the same procedures, good aerial and new, good coax, both of which proved to be very fruitful( do not spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar).

Two things that I found useful when providing the new system

1 I used an aerial allignment app on my mobile/tablet, it is far easier to line up the aerial in a loft when you can't see the neigbours array.

2 Use F type connectors wherever possible, they are far superior and provide a easy and reliable connection.

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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

@davidb00  to add to your hints:

A couple of G clamps come in useful!  It was a right pain with our house having roof trusses to find a position that was both good for reception and  I could weave an aerial over 5ft long through all the timber up there. 

If you have a compass (I have) you can actually get a precise bearing to the transmitter by going to the freeview site, putting your postcode and house number in, and clicking the button "Detailed View" on the coverage checker results. 

You can also get simple TV signal strength meters for around £25 for those struggling with all other options. I have one which is a "Pro TV and sat signal finder" from a company called Fringe Electronics. 


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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

@bry040  which channels were the two programmes on?  You need to bear in mind that channels aren't transmitted individually.  They are in multiplexed (mux) groups. i.e. at the transmitter end, all the channels in that mux group are effectively combined and shoved down the same transmission pipe.  It is your device that takes that single stream of data and splits it back out into individual channels.  That is why when a problem occurs, it rarely just ONE channel affected - it will usually be every channel in that mux.  

My advice remains to take a small sample of channels from each mux (see freeview data from your transmitter), and note the signal strength/quality levels on both the YouView box and your TV's own tuner for comparison as some devices may be more tolerant than others. It's not an exact science but it's usually good enough to point you in the right direction.  Also remember that HD is more susceptible to problems than SD as it involves a lot more data being transmitted.

Whilst it might be tempting to tie your problems to the code update if you think they occurred at similar times, it sounds like you have most channels working fine, and a small number with problems. That still says the problem is signal related to me. 

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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

I have had no problems for several months now with my BT stb or my LG tv. I am on the Emely  Moore transmitter and have a outdoor aerial. I also have the latest software and have noticed nothing unusual. 
I do have a loft aerial  but it is not used anymore as I  used to have signal problems and the picture quality wasn’t great. 

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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

@Yorkshire_Midge  I too have spent many an hour in the loft balancing on the 4 * 2s, very useful for practicing my social distancing technique.

I have used compass and OS map to point the aerial in the right direction, but then I discovered the free app for my smart phone "UK Aerial Alignment" , wow, it does everything I want, except make the tea, all possible transmitters are listed, and thier details, in order of probable reception , put it on the aerial and line the graphic compass and aerial up, and thats it.

It is likely that more people have a mobile phone than a compass, so it is more likely that this app would be used in preference to the purchase of a good compass.

IMHO it is like chalk and cheese.

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Re: Youview Box T2100 - Keeps losing HD channels

Hi Everyone,

I would like to thank you all for your continued patience while we investigated this issue and ultimately rolled out a fix, it took a lot longer than we would have liked but as of the weekend just past, we have rolled the fix out to 100% of our customer base 😀

The latest release 32.43.0 has fully resolved this specific issue.  Data from the trial and pilot groups that tested this fix has remained positive and no further issues have been identified.  We could not have reached this stage without the input and feedback from all you guys, this is where an online Community shows its real value.

I want to give a special shout out to @Yorkshire_Midge for the support in testing as well as your valuable input in this discussion.

As we have a high degree of certainty that this issue has been resolved, I am going to go ahead and lock this thread.  If anyone is having a similar issue in what has been described on this thread, please create a new thread and give other members the chance to offer support.  Our team of moderators and TV experts are never too far away and they will be around for any issues that cant be resolved solely on Community.

Thank you again



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