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Re: Youview Box slow to respond

I've changed nothing,  but today it connects to the Internet quite happily. 

To err is human, but to really mess it up requires a computer
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Re: Youview Box slow to respond



Just wondered if there were any new ideas on how to resolve this problem?  I have had a new youview box for a couple of months.


Last few days have seen the response time of the box/remote getting worse and worse. Takes about 6 "clicks" to move between menus/sations etc.


Have done 3 resets + router resets etc. Disappointingly despite 2 extensive chat sessions with BT - 1 online, 1 on phone I am getting a new remote. Depite telling them that the remote works fine with the mini view box in another room, and the miniview remote has the sticking problems with the main youview box. So it seems to me its nothing much to do with the remote?


Shame because until now I could point the remote out the window and get an instant response fro the box!  Beginning to regret  dumping sky!!



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