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Youview Boxes Factory Reset Themselves?

I don't know if this is tied in with the issues mentioned in another thread where boxes were stuck updating:

Last night I noticed that both of our BT TV boxes, (one T4000 UHD and one T2100 HD), were both on at the screen you would normally get if the box was brand new, or had been reset to defaults - so I had to go through accepting agreements, setting the power saving and retuning the channels etc on both boxes. I did notice that right at the beginning it said that a software update was being applied, and all recordings were still there.

I can't recall an update ever resetting my boxes like this previously. What did this software update do? The only effect that I have seen so far is the loss of the COM7 mux on UHF channel 55, (BBC News HD ch 107 etc)., though that is not unusual as that signal is marginal for me and I will investigate it later. Surely BT are not removing access to COM7, are they? Must be a co-incidence?

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Re: Youview Boxes Factory Reset Themselves?


I have now managed to retune COM7 on both boxes, so does anyone know what this update did that caused / needed the boxes to reset to defaults?

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Re: Youview Boxes Factory Reset Themselves?

Seems very strange  given that you experience this on 2 boxes . Are the boxes the standard boxes as supplied by BT or have they been adapted in any way , eg disc upgrades or any further changes ?

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Re: Youview Boxes Factory Reset Themselves?


These boxes are as supplied by BT. Both were new, late last year - so not very old either.

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Re: Youview Boxes Factory Reset Themselves?

My first suspicion would be a power supply glitch.
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Re: Youview Boxes Factory Reset Themselves?


I assume that you mean the mains supply rather than the individual PSUs? (Given that 2 boxes were affected).

That is possible I suppose, the boxes are on different floors, we only have one ring main for the whole house - though both are fed from distribution boards with surge protection that are still indicating that this function is active. We didn't notice any issues with other mains powered equipment during the day yesterday, and my PC was running all the previous night doing a backup, and that didn't appear to glitch.

To clarify, both boxes said on screen that they were installing an update at the very beginning of the re-installation process - is this relevant?

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