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Youview DTR 1000 Optical out

I can't get the Toslink to work on my box. Have spoken to someone via chat then on the phone and they are blaming my AV amp which is nonsense as both opticals work fine through my TV. I did have it working for 10 mins but then gave up.




Humax DTR 1000 connected to Cyrus AV Master 8 amp connected via Toslink not working. Did work on initial install last week, but only for 10 minutes, then broke up.


HDMI to Sony TV with Toslink to AV amp working fine. 


Have changed all settings to surround, leads and both optical outs problem still persists.


Cyrus say they don't know of any faults.


Anyone else got a similar proble and have they rectified it?


Your input will be much appreciated. 



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