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Youview Extra Box Issues and poor customer service

I am starting to get so fed up with BT and customer service I thought I needed to ask the community what I can do.


I have ordered BT TV with the Youview+ and an additional Youview+ box. However after ordering and selecting a date when it would be installed, I got a call to rearrange the installtion date. Installer came on the day (Non BT engineer, QUBE), but only had an order to fit one single box (which I could have done myself) as it appears the new installation order had been put through incorrectly. I had paid for the installer (£35), as online you are forced to have an installer for a second box. Something which I had queried on the phone when initially ordering.


So the installer left but I did not recieve second box (which I had ordered)


Contacted BT to get second box, was then sent old T1000(3rd Gen) box rather than T2100(4th Gen), when all adverts clearly show a 4th Gen box. Rang to be told if I wanted a newer box I would have to pay an additional £199 on top of the £65 box charge and £35 installation charge that I had already been billed.


Supposedly my only route to go through is mis-selling and someone will contact me in a week!! I am paying for a service which in affect I am not recieving. Why do BT think they can do this to people. It is lucky I have the ability to sort things out and understand the differences. I feel for those people who do not understand all the differences.


I wish I had never changed to BT as every stage of Infinity order, phone transfer and now TV seems to have had issues.


Can anyone help?? What can I do to resolve my issues??

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Re: Youview Extra Box Issues and poor customer service

Hi strabre,


We can help you get this sorted. Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile under the 'about me' section to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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