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Youview - Review/Thoughts

Now that I can speak about the box I thought it would be useful to you guys to share my thoughts, and how BT Vision content integrates. A relative has a BT Vision regular service so I'm aware of what that looks like.

My box is a Humax DTR-T1000, they're for sale now for around £270, as a BT customer thats currently the only way to get Youview. Then you can get BT Vision content on it using "BT Vision Player" - two options, pay as you go with no monthly charge (TV programs from 50p and "box office" movies from £2.50) or "unlimited" for £10 per month (you still need to pay for "box office" movies).

Firstly the Youview box, its actually rather good (especially compared to the BT vision regular unit), fast*, pretty, reliable. The EPG is great and goes back 7 days as well as forward, the same shows are available as regular iplayer, itv player, 4OD, so that means not all of them, but its a neat touch. The easier way (for me) to get catchup is to press the blue "youview" button on the remote (thats a menu button really) and search, you "type" in using the numbers like when texting on an older mobile, as you type search results refine, type "east" and you'll see Eastenders, East 17 and Sheena Easton, its searchin catchup tv and ondemand providers - currently NowTV and BT Vision are the providers. Annoyingly you can't restrict the providers, for example to never see NowTV results - not so bad when using "search" but when browsing programs by genre its a big issue currently as NowTV content dominates in terms of numbers - as more content providers come onstream this is something they'll need to address.

* Boot up is only fast though if you disable power saving, which is the first thing you need to do !

As for the BT Vision content, seems to be the same old that I've seen on BT Vision (no suprise) and therefore not worth the £10 per month BT are asking for the Unlimited option, I'll switch to pay as you go and probably rarely use it.

HD Freeview broadcasts display well on my TV and projector, but they're difficult to find in the EPG, a separate section for HD is needed, currently you can't tweak the sequence in the EPG. As I saw elsewhere we're about to get many more HD channels this will become more important.

There are some niggles, here are my top few, I'm pretty confident these will mostly be fixed in a software update as I see the same complaints around the web :
- Series recordings don't go into folders, just one big list
- No Flick, Youtube yet
- You can't skip, only f.fwd on recordings, on my other PVR I have a button to skip forwards 1 minute
- Can't disable Sky NowTV from search results
- Search accesses on-demand and catchup services but not the next 7 days of EPG, so there seems to be no way to search the EPG
- No way to get recordings off the PVR, USB is disabled and no network copying

- If you connect Scart and HDMI then no graphics appear on the Scart connection, I currently need to unplug from my amp when not beaming on the projector


There are many sites giving Youview 4/5, 4.5/5 - I wouldn't go that far, not until they update the box some more, but it IS a good box that, with a little updating and more content (Lovefilm ...) will be really excellent - the way it searches accross providers, while not yet perfect, has got to be the way forward, rather than many separate apps that we currently see on Smart TVs and Blu-Ray players.


Edit - Just seen the thread saying that the BT bundled Youview will use a different Pace manufactured box, so one note, the Youview software is intended to be common accross all manufacturers, Huawei, Pace, Humax, so the comments above are relevant to any hardware supplier on the current software revision.

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Re: Youview - Review/Thoughts

Having had one for a few days I have to agree with the above review 100%..

Only thing that's stopping me using the youview box full time is the catch tv adverts.


Masona2 done thanks for heads up

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Re: Youview - Review/Thoughts

@vipermo wrote:

Having had one for a few days I have to agree with the above review 100%.

Only thing that's stopping me using the youview box full time is the catch tv adverts.

That's interesting. Thanks for the heads-up, Vipermo.

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Re: Youview - Review/Thoughts

Just to clarify, if you play a recording you can skip ads (well fast forward them anyway), but catchup services from ITV, 4 and 5 insist on you watching ad segments in real time (ad segments are shorter than regular viewing though).

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Re: Youview - Review/Thoughts

I knew I'd read this a while ago, but it took a while to find the thread!


Can I ask you two Humax YouView users if you are/were also BT Vision customers.

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Re: Youview - Review/Thoughts

Thanks; that's a good review.


I'll stick with my BT Vision box for now, then. There's not much advantage to be gained for me with Youview, and the disadvantage of having to view ads with catch-up TV is a serious one.

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