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Youview Xbox one settings.

Please can anyone help. I used to be with talk talk and my you view box worked great. My BT you view box starts to wake up but then just goes blank. I've plugged it straight in to the TV and it works fine. So it is just when I try to go through my Xbox one. Is the a setting I need to change????
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Re: Youview Xbox one settings.

I have my BT youview box wired through my Xbox one and have done so for over a year and I have never had any kind of an issue with it. 


Picture quality is fine. Voice commands work great. Here's what I did...


Go into the settings and under the input settings set it as HDMI if that how you have it set up instead if it being set as auto detect as that used to occasionally cause me some issues with blank screen when booting up. 


In Xbox settings also tick the box to allow 50hz .


Then try setting up the cabnle box and TV service control settings again from scratch and ensure it works. 


Set when device turns on TV turn on. When device turns off turn TV off. 


Set cable box as toggle  for both and make sure the youview is non at the same time as the Xbox so when it turns off it toggles off otherwise they will do opposite so when you turn Xbox on youview turns off and same other way.


Hope that helps a bit 

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