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Youview box fault recification.

I have been a BT Youview subscriber since Aug 2013. Up to now I have been very satisfied with BT customer care and service. Unfortunately 3 weeks ago the Youview box began to fail. The BT call centre efficiently took me through a fault finding sequence and identified the Youview box HDMI out put was the problem.  A private company then attended and the engineer verified the Youview box was faulty. Unfortunately his company was unable to supply a new box. New appointment made and engineer from new company attended wiped recordings from box in process of  making temporary fix. Within minutes of him leaving box switched on a blank screen as existing fault. New appointment made with BT and I was assured new box would be supplied and no more of my time would be wasted. Same engineer attends refuses to supply new box and spends 25 mins unsuccessfully  going through same check procceedure. He then spent 5 mins setting up replacement box, problem solved. This problem caused me to spend about 40 mins on phone calls and 1.5 days waiting for BT contractors. This problem could have been solved with one visit by a competent engineer. I now realise Bt's poor customer service reputation is caused by inefficient sub contractors.

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