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Youview box freezes and BT player not functioning

Hi, hopefully someone can help me out here.


Since i switched the box on sometime last week and it told me there had been a software update (the whole setup, guide etc is a different layout) the box has been freezing. we also cant access the BT player button. So no catch up TV


When i first turn the box on i can guarantee that if i press the Y button and trying to scroll to My TV it freezes on player and Apps.  if i press again thinking it hasnt registered my press, when it comes back to life the pointer jumps further along to BT player or Apps.


It absolutely doing my heads in, and the wifes for that matter!


Also if we press BT player the four circles scroll but then jump back to the channel we were on.


Some of the channels like Eurosport and BT sport also freeze or stay black.


Ive just done a speed test (51Mbps)


The box connects to the hub via the yellow plug ethernet cable, so there should be plenty connection.


Can anyone help?

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Re: Youview box freezes and BT player not functioning

Hello @dan_cup


Would very much like to help with the issues you are experiencing. Could I ask you to Private Message me with you phone number or account number and I'll be in touch.



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