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Youview box needs replacing



can any admins help please. Tried to go through chat but no one is available so can only call. 

had my youview box for about 6-12 months - replaced one that broke (wouldnt switch on). This one has now suddenly stopped all sound even in apps. Checked my tv and it still plays dvds etc,  replaced the cable, reset the box and now completed a factory reset and still nothing. I also followed one of the last posts on a same issue on sound and still not resolved - all software was up to date and signals all good. Now the factory reset has completed I have lost everything (knew it would happen) but still no sound. 

tv works perfectly (5 months old) so it seems to be the youview box. 

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Re: Youview box needs replacing

You'll have to call, the mods can get involved if the normal channels fail

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Re: Youview box needs replacing

@Ac1987  the cable you replaced .. was it the the HDMI cable between the Youview box and the TV rather than the HUb to Youview connection ?

Also have you tried a different HDMI slot on the TV ?

Also have you tried temporarily  switching between  Stero and  Surround Sound in the Youview setttings ?

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