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Youview box not working with Sony Soundbar and Samsung TV setup

I've had the BT Youview box for some time, connected to the Samsung TV via HDMI.  No problems.


I just bought a Sony soundbar, and it says to connect the soundbar to the HDMI (ARC) input of the TV, then other devices to the other HDI inputs on the soundbar.  I've done that, connecting the Youview box to HDMI input 1 on the Soundbar.  I get an error message saying "The content cannot be displayed.  To display, please connect the unit with the HDMI input on the TV which supports HDCP 2.2."


I can get the Youview picture to the TV using HDMI, then tell the soundbar to use the "TV" for sound output.  That works, but it means I have to manually tell the Soundbar to select that input each time, and it doesn't switch the soundbar on automatically when the Youview box is swiched on.


I've also connected a bluray player to HDMI input 2 on the soundbar.  I get sound and picture, no problem, everything turns on together.


I swapped HDMI cables from the bluray to the Youview box, but nothing changes.


Any ideas?

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Re: Youview box not working with Sony Soundbar and Samsung TV setup

Hi @HK_Fuey  i use a sony bar and sub & I think you have over complicated your set up looping the hdmi cables to the bar, Forget all that.


First put all your hdmi cables back to the tv from your bt tv box, blu ray ect straight from the device to your TVs hdmi ports, 1 2 3 ect.


Just get one hdmi cable going from the sound bar to the hdmi "arc" input on the tv. Then regardless of what hdmi channel you are watching all sound will come through the bar. 


Hope that helps you out.