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Youview disconnects from the internet

Just got ready to watch the footie just now, to find that my box has disconnected from the internet and has therefore not recorded the footie or moto gp. I have just reset the recording for moto gp. The box was fine when i was using it this morning. So it looks like there might have been an update to the router that has caused the disconnect?


If so then why -


1. Cant the G4 reconnect after an update

2. why do an update on the weekend when most of us will have some live sport that we have set to record, keep the updates for during the week.


Yet again another basic fail by BT, not happy over what is another failed recording.

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Re: Youview disconnects from the internet

make sure the G4 is connected to the internet, if it isn't, unplug the ethernet cable from the back of the G4, then plug it back in, this should make it reconnect.


Go to settings, then network and internet. Go to the top option and change the setting from Auto to Manual. All of the fields should be filled out for you if the box is connected, IP adress, subnet mask etc., just drop down and click on next a few times until you get the "connecting" message, then after a few second the box should tell you it is connected.


This should stop the box dropping connection to the hhub, please come back an let us know if it works.

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Re: Youview disconnects from the internet

Cheers bud, there is nothing wrong with my connection or broadband. I have been in a couple of times before when my hh5 disconnects my internet for a couple of minutes and does a light show, green, orange etc flash away and a couple of minutes later my internet is back up and running by itself. I believe this is a router update? if anyone knows any different then please say. My point is why cant my g4 box reconnect by itself, and if it is a router update why do it on the weekend, leave it for monday god dammit.

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Re: Youview disconnects from the internet

Same problem here. I went on holiday and used the YouView iPhone app to set my G4 to record a film. When I came back the HH2 had restarted at some point and the G4 was no longer connected so didn't get the request to record the film.
Removing the Ethernet cable for a second does reset things but I can't do this if I'm not there.
Settings are on Auto.
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Re: Youview disconnects from the internet

The August update fixes this apparently
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Re: Youview disconnects from the internet

Possible fix?


My Box does the same thing  - when the Router reboots the YV box isn't smart enough to recognise that it's back up and i have to manually connect the YV box to the router again.


I searched other forums and found that the culprit may be down to the You view App (Which I had installed on my Android phone).


I uninstalled the App from the phone and also removed the device from the YV box  - the issue doesn't seem to have occured again, even after rebooting the Hub manually.


Might be worth a go if you use the You view App, but hopefully as jparnell82 has mentioned, this will be fixed in the August update as the App was pretty useful!!



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