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Youview freeview 2110 recorder box

I dont no why they cannot add extra padding on to recording time to override the accurate recording facality as it is rubbish. As i was watching formula e last week and it cut off five laps before end. I know what people will say record the next programme as well which defeats the accurate recording hopeless
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Re: Youview freeview 2110 recorder box

There are very many who agree with you but since day 1 padding has been requested and I'm sure it'll never happen now.

However, in the case you refer to it's unlikely to have helped. AR depends on the broadcaster sending the correct signal at the correct time and that problem was down to the broadcaster.

If you go to the Youview community forum sometimes the administrators will take it up with the broadcaster.

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Re: Youview freeview 2110 recorder box

I recorded and watched the last Formula E race and it recorded all the way to the end which suggest whatever the problem was it was not down to wrong Accurate Recording.
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Re: Youview freeview 2110 recorder box

Hi @gomezz @John22  I believe Formula E is broadcast on several channels (Bt Sport,  Eurosport , BBC red button 601/Sport)

so depending on the channel used you may get a different AR experience.  If the race was the  the Hong Kong race 5  you should find the race  programme catchup on the BBC iplayer.

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Re: Youview freeview 2110 recorder box

Ah! I recorded the BT Sport coverage.