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Youview screen problem

My Humax DTR-T1000 screen picture has gone bad.Last night some programmes didnt record and today you can hardly see anything on the screen.I have tried 4 different hdmi cables also I connected to a different tv,different tv using a  scart and had the same issue.The screen is still bad SAM_6370.JPGeven with the aerial disconnected. I tried maintenance mode reset and  keep recordings.Would a factory reset or Internet / USB recovery, keep recordings do anything,last resort really. 

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Re: Youview screen problem

That looks like a pretty catastrophic failure if it's affecting HDMI and Scart output on different TV's. I'd imagine it's the video output chip that's gone caput.. it could be something very straight forward such as a dry joint (solder) on the chip, which can happen over time with all electronics. BT will replace the box with a new one if you have an active BT TV subscription but you will lose all recordings as they're not transferrable unfortunately. 

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Re: Youview screen problem

Thanks,I cant even get it to turn on now.If I manage to turn it on.Is it possible to connect and watch via the USB port.Its the recordings I will miss,there should be a way to transfer them,these days.

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Re: Youview screen problem

Nope.. copywrite protection prevents that.

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