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Youview updates broken

Not sure if others have had similar issues, but I've noticed with the June and July (inc BT) updates that I have had to go and manually effectively finish off the software updates.


The box generally downloads and commences the software update itself, however it appears to get stuck making my box an effective brick. I say this as:


- HDMI across all other services my amp manages with die. This means that the TV refuses to use it's ARC functionality to return sound back to amp etc.

- All recordings stop so if I am away and expecting anything to record, I can pretty much forget it


To sort the problem out, I have to turn the box off (and then back on) at the physical switch at the back, go into the settings, manually request for the updated software, allow the update to complete.


I've got a Bravia TV with Onkyo amp combination. Interested to find out if others are experiencing the same issues. It's almost getting beyond a joke, not to mention the 5.1 work-around we have been having to go through since May.

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Re: Youview updates broken

Since the June update, the HDMI link stays live even in standby. The only way around it is to use high eco mode and wait for the box to go to sleep. It was advertised as an improvement on the official YouView forum. I disagree
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