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Is anyone else totally fed up of the spinning images on the BTYahoo home page? And advertising is forced down your throat when you try to check your emails.  I wanted to watch a short football video which was advertised on the log-in page this morning and I had to endure an anti-dandruff advert before I could watch the football footage! 

Advertising on BTYahoo is now very, very intrusive and bluntly infuriating. Anyone who tries to thrust their adverts down my neck I instinctively avoid dealing with, so it is all to no avail for both BT and their advertisers.

I know that BT will ignore the issue (they carefully make it very difficult to actually talk to anyone at BT Yahoo), because it is all revenue to them. But they should take care, lest folk like me get so fed up with the persistent distractions and interference that they dump BTYahoo and go elsewhere - no doubt to get exactly the same problems there too!

Rant over....

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Re: advertising

Have you ever thought about using a mail client.

There are free ones out there. (Thunderbird etc).


Web mail is normally free but is also paid for with adverts.


Mail client, can be free and no adverts.



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Re: advertising

you could try using chrome or firefox and one of the free addons that remove ads for yahoo,. At the moment I get absolutley no ads in yahoo mail on my chrome browser I think firefox is slight less helpful with its addon for yahoo mail.


Just a thought


for chrome I use Yahoo Mail Fixer - Version: 1.0 I think its the same for firefox. You can get script here

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Re: advertising

I fully agree. Constantly spinning ads are incredibly annoying and extremely distracting.


Whilst it is true that the alternative to no ads is increased charges we might at least be able to expect that ads do not contain such irritating movement.


@toekneem: Use of an email client is of little use when you want to be able to deal with your mail from more than one computer. BT webmail is not free, we pay for it as part of our broadband package.



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