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all lights on query

well ive asked about the drop outs and slow speeds on this infinity im getting and another engineer is coming but surely if the 3 lights are on on my openreach modem and the 3 lights are blue on my homehub i should be able to connect,im on wired but even trying the kids laptops wont connect have to keep resetting at least 5/10 times a day now just ot get onto the internet,any ideas anyone please

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Re: all lights on query



Just to cover what the lights mean on your router, "Click spolier to read Info on Lights"


if this does not help you read my support below







  Power  Broadband  Wireless
  Steady blue  Power on.  Broadband connection working.  Wireless enabled.
  Steady blue - dimmed  Auto power save.  Auto power save.  Auto power save.
  Flashing blue  Password override  Password override  Password override
  Flashing orange  Hub starting up  Flashing orange and purple - connecting to broadband, please wait  Wireless registration mode or establishing WPS connection
  Steady orange  BT Power Save Mode active. Wait until power save mode period ends or press 'Restart' button on the side of your Hub to override.  Not applicable  Wireless enabled without security.
  Steady red  Hub failed.  Wired connection to broadband is OK, but failed to authenticate with internet service
  Not applicable.
  Off  No power.  No broadband signal.  Wireless disabled


Broadband light is blue but I can't connect to the Internet?

Your Hub is connected to broadband, but there may be a problem with your computer and/or its connection to the Hub.



  1. Restart your Hub by pressing and releasing the Restart button at the back of the Hub.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Run BT Broadband Desktop Help.
  4. If you're using an Ethernet cable, check that it's inserted correctly both into the Hub and into the computer.
  5. If you're using wireless, check that your computer's wireless adapter is fitted and/or turned on. Some laptop computers have a small switch - please refer to your computer manual if you need help.


- Hope this Helps!  

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Re: all lights on query

thanks greggaz mine is a steady blue so could be something else

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Re: all lights on query

well stopped in all day as engineer  was booked to come between 1 and 6pm and never even showed up,at least a call would of been nice

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