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another Refund question

i feel the only way for me to get resolution is to make people aware what bt have done to my services

sky fiber broadband user for 2and half years  not the fastest speed but stable all this time at minimum16 meg downstream and 4.5 up stream.because i was with sky so long i had a 50 percent discount on multiroom boxes with full sky packages on each box with fiber broadband from sky but sky uses the bt network and openreach engineers

3 months ago internet goes offline  not even an orange light to resync and connect to my provider!!!  bt openreach engineers gone into my exchange to connect someone on my connection!!!!! i ring sky to get rosolved ,, sky blame bt blame sky,,its got to the point now 3 months later bt have cost me my job and my home and also charged me 160 pounds for a services,,they finally relese me from contract costing me thousands in the process and also disconnecting sky fiber buisness lines for there own use or at the incompetance of the engineers..15 hours plus on the phone with sky 10 engineer visits in under 14 days  moved to bt from sky was promised minimum 22 down and 6.7 up     the downstream was so bad wouldnt stream there own youview boxes !! broadband off every other hour and no speed at all so this made me try a pay and go mobile sim card with a 30 pounds topup for unlimited internet i get 10 meg down and 3 to 5 up,it wasnt enough to save my job or my home so all bt users and sky users beware!!!

im seeking legal advice and also local mp also giving all data from last 3 years of my internet speedtests from sky for 2 and half years and bt for under 4 or 5 weeks  then back to sky   beccause since i was taken offline through bts incompetance 

they have confirmed to me and my web browser theyre at fault theyre liable and wanting to charge me 500 pounds plus cancellation fee for the biggest broadband fail ever ,,absolutely disgusting service and way i have been treated after such a good stable connection all the time i had it with sky

so for losing my job and losing my home  i am now faced with and insultig offer of 50 pounds compenstion from bt  absolute insilt and they deducted that off and 180 pounds bill and also chaged me 88 pouns after 6 days on no service



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Re: another Refund question

Hi @dood2014 and welcome to the forum.


I'm really sorry you've had so many problems lately. You mentioned cancelling with both Sky and BT. Which provider are you currently with? Are you a business user? Are you now connected? If you're a residential BT customer I can take a look at this for you if you wish. Just drop me over an email with your details. You'll get the contact the moderators link in my profile.






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Re: another Refund question

i am now with sky j had to migrate back
lost my home lost my job because bt took a sky fiber buiisness customer offline to put there own customer on in my building
offcom and local mp is getting all my paperwork for this to evolve into a courtcase
i think its rude how bt value a customer and work out there job there home asre only worth £50 compensation
biggest jokers in the workl bt and bt openreach
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