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at least you's have a connection!


man oh man...

 It's been about 2 months since I tried to arrange a simple transfer of BT phone/BB to a new property and it couldn't have gone any worse!


Most people these days depend on internet, business or pleasure it don’t matter, to be deprived of something you rely on so heavily is some what frustrating.


Calling BT and arranging such matters isn’t all that much of a hardship, and when you give them 2 weeks notice before you actually require a service you’d think this should be ample time. 



Unfortunately in my case this couldn’t be further form the truth.  Phone activation was agreed and honoured.  BB should be active that day before midnight.  Next day nothing, just the little bb light flashing.. Hmm.. I get a bad feeling about this.  Call BT, get told the BB should be active and asked to call back in another 24 hours.  24 hours pass, router still flashing.  Call BT, they need to speak with order management and will arrange a call back in 24 hours.  24 hours later, no call back.  Call BT, get passed to order mgmt.  They need to contact another department and will contact me in 24 hours..  24hours later, no call back..  Call BT(India) spoke to Clifford not the name I was expecting.. never mind.. Clifford needs to speak with order management again, not in on Sunday. Clifford will arrange a call back within 24 hours and reassures me this will happen and that I should give him a chance despite my let downs. b  I agree. 24 hours pass, no call.  Call BT speak with order mgmt, they inform me of some issue with order. Order needs cancelled and process started from scratch.  New date arranged 2 weeks away. Call BT next day, to try fast track date. Told fast track requested call back requested for 24 hours.  24 hours pass, no call back,  Call BT, speak with order mgmt. Order can’t be fast tracked but give me date further away due to exchange full.  Cancel order out of frustration.  Call talk talk, order line and BB.  Read bad reviews about TT, cancel order.  BT line now disconnected have to re-order. Re-order. phone connection in 2 weeks + BB same day before midnight.   2 weeks later phone line active no BB. Call BT guess what!  Problem with BB order, put back another week.


What a rather long and boring process.


I can’t explain how this feel without getting banned from this forum, so ill leave that part out.

So here I am over a month down the line no further forward. 


Interesting way to run a business!


Thats my connection issue!

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Re: at least you's have a connection!

The only people on the forum that can help arehe forum mods who are the only BT employees on the forum. They will post a contact us link when they read this.    Probably tomorrow now

contact mods.jpg

After completing the email NOT PM then you join a queue of other customers waiting for mod help. The mods will get back to you in 3/5 working days either by phone or email

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Re: at least you's have a connection!

Hi mikerae1980, 


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. 


I am so sorry to hear about the delays with your order. I can take this on and get things sorted for you. 


Click on my username and under the "about me" section you will the link to get in touch with us.  Whenever we receive your details we will go from there. 




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Re: at least you's have a connection!

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