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awful broadband speed, line noise + disconnecting ~

We're experiencing very slow internet speed, as well as noise on our phone line, to the point where we can hear voices in addition to static etc. Our BB speed fluctuated from a decent IP Profile to a bad one (<500kb) and I can only assume that the noise on the line is the cause.


We've gone over the tests and phoned support, who ran a test at their end and said there was nothing wrong with the line, but when they phoned back, noticed the noise.


BT suggested an engineer call out, but we've put this off until next week ~ a friend of the family who's a qualified electrician is coming to have a look first.


We can't locate our main phone socket to rule out internal or external problems - we think its in an inaccessible part of the loft, which would be a nightmare if this is true. The electrician should be able to confirm this at least.


From my troubleshooting and a rather helpful BT support member, we both came to the conclusion that the phone line is causing the problems. This would explain the noise, and the poor IP profile that fluctuates so much (from >2500kb to 135~500).


If someone answers the phone, our broadband gets immediately cut off. Have tried different microfilters. What does this suggest?


If our master socket is in the inaccessible part of our loft, what sort of costs can we expect to get a new master socket, if this is even possible?


Thanks a lot.



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Re: awful broadband speed, line noise + disconnecting ~

when you find out, could you let me know as I have had this exact same problem for 5 months. BT cant fix it.

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