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bag to return a smarthub2 to BT

Still awaiting after 1 month for a  promised returns bag with address label to return a smarthub2 to BT

Or can you please email me an address label?



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Re: bag to return a smarthub2 to BT

Hi @Plummer  welcome to the forum and sorry you have not received the returns packaging. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how to get in touch with the Mod team and we'll be happy to get it sorted for you.



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Re: bag to return a smarthub2 to BT

John hi,
Its now 7 days since I raised this query.

I still have not received any "Returns Packaging" nor recived a text message on my phone informing me of the BT delivery via the post office.

This is now beyond a joke, does this ficticious "return Packaging actually exist , or is it a ploy from BT to fraudulantly extract money from its customers.

Will give this matter another two more days then will seek legal action.

besat regards Dave Plummer
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Re: bag to return a smarthub2 to BT

Wow, why the need to threaten legal action? The mods here deal with all queries in the order they are received & even then it could take a few days to be received, I'm sure it will be sorted soon

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Re: bag to return a smarthub2 to BT


Did you reply to the private message that @JohnC2 sent you?

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